Ever wanted to shoot someone with an arrow? How about legally and safely? Ever wondered how it feels to "take an arrow to the knee"? Does the thought of firing an arrow at a stationary target bore you? You're in luck! Tag-Out is a competitive Archery Tag® arena that can pit up to 12 people against each other, right here in Saskatoon!

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Rest assured that we can provide you the satisfaction of shooting a safe and plushy arrow at your enemies (or friends) at a reasonable price!

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Tag-Out Archery

old school paintball

Archery Tag is a growing sport that is cropping up all over the world and this exciting & action-packed game offers the ultimate family fun!

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Tag-Out Mobile Arena

mobile arena

Due to the odd nature of our schedule and our flexible equipment the arena location is constantly changing! We can literally bring the fight to you!

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